[divalent gestrebt, unendlich)

Und wo es sonst so hinführt.

»Ach, was ich weiß, kann jeder wissen - mein Herz habe ich allein.« - Die Leiden des jungen Werther - Am 9. Mai 1772

Impression. Impression. Impression.

this sweet blue secrecy, the demands of destiny

this sweet blue secrecy, the demands of destiny
now who will serve your pleasure, who will serve your greed?
now that the men you treasured belong to the fleet
and watch the morrows tide, that frail and beautiful bride
what a very strange season this is
from the tender ax of springtime, defying the snows
to the streaming summers hatchet she rose
now all covered with lime under an indifferent sky

we smother everything in kisses
will we know eternity? will we forge a way to see?

» Rome – Odessa